• Seiko – Astron
    Seiko – Astron
    As the world’s first GPS Solar wristwatch, Astron is the only watch of its kind. It is capable of synchronizing to any of the 39 different timezones on planet Earth at the push of a button.    
  • Ulysse Nardin
    Ulysse Nardin
    Located in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota, TimeScape is proud to have remained the premier Ulysse Nardin dealer in the upper Midwest for over 15 years. Ulysse Nardin specializes in unique complications and continues it’s ground breaking research and developement in the use of high-tech materials in the field of Horology.
  • Graham – London
    Graham – London
    With production hovering around 5,000 timepieces per year for the world market, from the unique aesthetics of the Swordfish to the functional style of the Chronofighter, Graham-London offers distinctive timepieces for the discerning collector.
  • Grand Seiko
    Grand Seiko
    When Grand Seiko was conceived in the 1960′s, it was to be the “Best Basic Watch” in the world. The idea was that form would follow function and that Grand Seiko would have everything essential, and nothing superfluous. The sobriety of the design of every Grand Seiko watch flows from this simple, but powerful, idea.
  • Seiko Ananta
    Seiko Ananta
    As the “little brother” to Grand Seiko, Ananta watches offer a unique, sport watch style available with both in-house mechanical movements as well as the famous Spring Drive movements.
  • Hamilton Watch Company
    Hamilton Watch Company
    From the traditional Khaki Field Automatic to the stylish Ventura, Hamilton watches offer the watch enthusiast an affordable entry into Swiss made mechanical timepieces.
  • Movado
    The unique styling of Movado’s famous “museum dial” offers customers a distinctive aesthetic combined with the affordability of a fine quartz movement and the quality assurance of “Swiss Made”.